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Excellent personal attention is a cornerstone to our membership services, so we can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind. If you have any questions, we can answer it. Want to sing our praises? Go ahead, we’re all ears. Or if you have a suggestion or complaint, let us know and we’ll address it.

Important Contact Information
Phone 785-271-6900
Toll Free 877-971-6900
Fax 785-271-6868
Routing Number 301179892
Phone Teller 785-271-8999
Additional Contact Information
  Phone Toll Free email
Lost or Stolen Visa credit card:
  Visa Credit Cards  (after hours, emergency contact)   1-800-991-4965  
  Visa Check Cards (after hours, emergency contact)   1-800-791-2525  
  During business hours 785-271-6900 1-877-971-6900  
BillPay assistance 785-271-6900 1-877-971-6900 billpay
Loan information 785-271-6900 1-877-971-6900  loanofficers
Business information 785-271-6900 1-877-971-6900 businessdept
President/CEO Greg Winkler
Executive Vice President Lisa Marshall
Vice President of Member Services Mary Munger
Vice President of Lending Janice Davis
Vice President of Business Development Jennifer Kirmse
Hunter’s Ridge Branch Manager Lisa Walker
Downtown Branch Manager Michael Griffin
Croco Branch Manager Jackie Anderson
Board of Directors
Jim Frownfelter Chair
Shirley Martin Vice-Chair
Marcia Dechand Secretary/Treasurer
Clardy Vinson  
Sherryl Longhofer  
Robert Balsters  
Supervisory Committee
John Blocher Chair           
Kevin Hoffmans  
Janet Mitchell